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Application for Ethical Review Amendment Form

Application for Ethical Review Amendment Form

Streamline your processes with this ethical review amendment form template.

Simplify your workflows

Student projects may take months or years to complete. During that time, you may need to have students update or amend their original application so it accurately portrays an overview of the work they are currently doing. If you're using email or paper documents to capture amendments, it's time for an upgrade. Our 100% customizable template makes it easy to create a form that's perfect for your organization's workflow.

Customize the form

You don't want your students to waste time repeating information they've already submitted. For each category, add a box for students to check if nothing has changed, and use Conditional Logic to shorten your form. Students can check the box relevant to them and the form will show questions based on their selections.

Stay connected

You'll likely run this ethical review amendment form template through your standard approval process. Make approvals quick and easy by adding this amendment form to a portal. With Portals, you can bundle your forms together, track completion status, and send email reminders.

Stay flexible

Amending documents can be a lengthy process. Use Formstack's Save & Resume feature to let students work through the document at their own pace. This feature will send students a link to their partially completed form and give them 30 days to finish working.

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