Digitizing Loan Applications for Contactless Service

Learn how Brand Interactive Communications used Formstack to digitize nearly 20 different paper-based loan applications for a credit union.


When COVID-19 created a huge need for contactless services, a large credit union reached out to Brand Interactive Communications for help. All their loan applications--including mortgages, auto loans, personal loans, and business loans--were paper-based PDFs. The process took almost two weeks to complete and required members to come to a branch to submit the paperwork. With six branches and nearly 20 loan officers, the credit union needed a way to quickly adapt their paper applications to a fully digital process.


Brand Interactive Communications created an entirely digital, secure loan application process using Forms and Documents. Using Conditional Logic, the member is only shown form questions related to their loan type. Hidden Calculating Fields create an overall application rating, which allows loan officers to pre-approve applicants. Once an application is completed, members receive an automated completion notification in minutes, and their information is sent through Zapier to ActiveCampaign. The information is then sent to Documents, which creates a professional, branded loan application for final review, sign-off, and storage.

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Saved time

Saved one hour of loan officer time per loan application

Improved efficiency

Reduced loan processing time from two weeks to just a few days

Simplified workflows

Streamlined loan pre-approvals to happen within an hour

Enhanced security

Encrypted data to ensure a secure end-to-end loan process

Video Transcript

Brand Interactive Communications has over 20 years experience ranging from the development of corporate branding to printed collateral. They offer a diverse range of services that not only meet the demands of the changing markets but endeavor to maintain a developmental position at the cutting edge of industry standards and innovations.
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