Spring 2023 Release

Check out new Formstack features built to help you refresh your digital workspace by personalizing, streamlining, and simplifying your business.
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Refresh your digital workspace with Formstack’s newest features

Spring is here and so is our latest release! We've added some fresh features to Formstack that are guaranteed to make your team more productive and save more time. Say goodbye to tedious processes and hello to personalized experiences for your customers and team.

With updates to our platform, you can build and improve processes quickly and efficiently. And with the confidence that comes from knowing you're using the best tools available, you'll be able to tackle your business goals with ease.

Don't fall back into old routines. Check out our Spring ‘23 Release, and see for yourself how we're refreshing the game when it comes to workplace productivity.

Formstack Forms
Get faster SSO integration of your identity provider with Formstack

We are adding several new features to make the Single Sign-On process more efficient, including Auto-Redirect and Quiet User Creation.

Auto-Redirect automatically redirects users from Formstack to the organization's identity provider, reducing the number of steps required to access Formstack.

Quiet User Creation allows administrators to onboard users silently and efficiently without sending confusing system emails that can create unnecessary password reset requests. This enables administrators to control the onboarding process and set up all users ahead of time, which allows organizations to create personalized onboarding processes.

We’ve also automated the verification process to help IT teams claim their Formstack domain from their DNS record. This establishes a secure link between the organization's domain and Formstack, simplifying user management and securing sensitive information. 

To learn more about the power of SSO at Formstack, chat with our team to get a personalized demo

Set expiration dates for your documents with Unsigned Document Expiration

Working on a contract, statement of work, or another deadline-dependent document? We’ve made it as easy as a click of a button to set up expiration dates for documents that are no longer valid after a certain timeframe. 

This feature will improve how you and your team can connect Formstack Documents and Sign to build more robust document signing workflows. 

This feature was inspired by one of our customers! Want to learn more? Start a trial of Formstack Documents today!

Formstack Workflows
Organize your work faster with a single space for workflow task management
Formstack Workspace

Tired of digging through email threads and instant messages to find tasks you’ve been assigned, forms to approve, or documents to sign? Workspace is a Formstack Platform feature that simplifies your work by allowing users to see and complete assigned form and eSignature steps in a single location.

Want to learn more about how Workspace can improve your organization's productivity?  Chat with our team and ask for a demo of this brand new feature.

Match to your Salesforce data model with grandchild object support

Creating forms in Salesforce to collect information from patients, students, clients, or customers just got easier. Forms for Salesforce now supports grandchild objects on all plans, including NativeCloud. 

Support for grandchild objects on NativeCloud allows users to build complex forms with more relationships, which means a single form can update or generate multiple records at once for multiple objects. This helps users better align their forms with popular data models like Health Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, Admissions Connect, and more.

Now, solving for specific use cases is as simple as adding the necessary fields onto a single form. For example, within Health Cloud, a patient health information form can include fields that collect data for multiple family members and conditions under a single household.

Grandchild object support comes standard on all Forms for Salesforce plans. For Salesforce Compliant Cloud users, the product of choice is Forms for Salesforce NativeCloud to ensure your internal security and compliance standards can be met. 

Check out this demo to learn how you can level up your Salesforce forms by connecting to your industry clouds! 

Formstack Forms for Salesforce

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