Fall 23 Release

We’re sharing some new features to help you (pumpkin) spice up your workflows.
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Fall 23 Release

We’ve celebrated the summer and survived the back-to-school season, and now, it's time to dust off the cobwebs of our digital workspaces. Yikes! If your inbox is a little overgrown or you’ve started to let paper workflows creep in, don’t worry! In Formstack’s Fall 2023 Product Release, we’re sharing new product updates  and spotlighting top existing features that you may not have tried yet.  

At Formstack, we’re dedicated to bringing customers flexible solutions to their workday woes. With both advanced-code and no-code ways to work, empowering your entire team to get work done has never been easier. We’re making updates across the Formstack Suite to ensure our solution continues to grow with your business and helps you to build and improve processes quickly. And with the confidence that comes from knowing you're using the best tools available, you'll be able to tackle your business goals with ease.

Check out our Fall 2023 Release, and see the unbe-LEAF-able features for yourself! You can thank us later. 

Formstack Forms
OAuth and SMTP

Microsoft 365 OAuth is now available within Forms and Documents for your SMTP settings! This means that you can send emails through Microsoft 365 directly from Formstack—no need for additional tools or workarounds. This feature puts your email server in control and allows your Formstack confirmations and notification emails to come directly from your system, building trust with your customers while following best practices! 

Want to learn more about setting up SMTP? Check out our comprehensive setup guide

Impersonation Consent and Access Control

When technical questions arise for our users or support is needed to troubleshoot an issue, it's nice to know that a Formstack expert can access your account to help. But for many organizations, having control over that access is crucial to ensure security controls are in place.

We’ve built a way for customers to control when a Formstack expert can and cannot access their account. The impersonation consent feature helps limit outside access to your data and reduce risk to protected information. 

Visit this support article to learn how you can manage impersonation consent on your account. 

Low-Code Document Builder Updates

Last year, you may have had a chance to try the beta version of the drag-and-drop Formstack Documents builder. That functionality is still available for customers to use, but we got a lot of feedback that customers like to use and want to see improvements for our WYSIWYG editor. When Formstack customers talk, we listen! =

We’ve made improvements to the WYSIWYG editor to simplify the toolbar and make it easier to add things like page breaks and headers and footers to your documents. We are rolling this out to customers in phases  and you’ll be notified  when you’re on the newest version.

New to Formstack Documents? Getting started is easy! Leverage one of our pre-built templates to start automating your document generation today

Document Automation Starter Kit

Looking for new ways to put your data to work? If you haven’t added document automation to your tech stack, now is the time! We’ve put together a collection of video demos, pre-built templates, and customer use cases to help you jumpstart your document automation efforts. 

We know getting started with a new solution can feel like a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. If you're interested in learning how a document automation solution can integrate with your central business systems, turn data into documents, and elevate your workflows, these resources are the perfect place to start.

CTA: Ready to make the most of your existing and incoming data? Dive into the Document Automation Starter Kit today

Formstack Workflows
Encrypted Forms Support

If you’re using Formstack to collect and manage sensitive data, form encryption is a must! 

Form encryption adds an extra layer of protection to your online forms by encrypting sensitive information in Formstack's online database. Set a password so only you or a group of people can access it, ensuring you comply with data protection regulations.

These encrypted forms can now be used as a step in your Copilot-powered workflow. Users on Formstack Suite plans can now use encrypted forms to collect data and map it to subsequent steps in a Formstack Copilot workflow. This feature comes with updates,  such as an “Encrypted” badge on protected forms within the form selector, stored password deletion if a form or mapping fails due to poor passwords, the ability to remove encryption from a Copilot workflow, and more! 

Learn more about encrypting your Formstack Forms or talk to your account representative about moving to a Formstack Suite plan to leverage this feature. 

Formstack Suite Template Library

Interested in taking the full Formstack Suite for a spin but not sure where to start? Our new Suite Template Library has made getting started easier than ever. Now, all Formstack Suite accounts come equipped with a template library. These templates are fully customizable, multi-step use cases, pre-mapped, and built to help you leverage Forms, Documents, and Sign seamlessly. 

Check out the variety of use cases available in the Formstack Suite Template Library by starting a 14-day free trial or talking to your account representative.  

New Integrations for the Formstack Ecosystem

At Formstack, we love our partners! We work with  two key partner types: Implementation Partners and Technology Partners. Implementation Partners work with Formstack customers to build custom technical solutions to workplace problems. Our Technology Partners work with our partner and product teams to build new technical integrations with Formstack. 

Over the last few months, our Technology partners have been hard at work building new Formstack connections. Here’s an overview of the new Formstack integrations: 

  • AdvoLogix: A legal CRM built on Force.com that works seamlessly with Forms for Salesforce and Documents for Salesforce. 
  • AgVision: A CRM solution built for businesses in the agriculture sector. This solution now has an integration with Formstack Sign.  
  • Andar Software: A CRM solution that caters to non-profit organizations and now integrates directly with Formstack Sign as go-to digital signature solution. 
  • Butter CMS: A blazing fast content management solution that integrates with Forms. 
  • Creatio: A no-code workflow automation and CRM software that integrates with Forms, Documents, and Sign via Creatio Marketplace connectors. 
  • Litify: A legal CRM built on Force.com that works seamlessly with Forms for Salesforce and Documents for Salesforce.  
  • Magentrix: A portal software built on Salesforce that works seamlessly with Forms for Salesforce. 
  • S-Drive: A Salesforce digital asset management solution with an integration to Formstack Documents and Sign. 
  • UC Innovation: A student advancement and constituent engagement platform built on Salesforce that automates document generation with Formstack Documents. 
  • Youreka: An offline form solution native to Salesforce that works with Formstack Documents for generating documents from data collected through Youreka. 

See an integration you’d like to leverage for your workflow automation? Connect with your account manager to learn more

Formstack Forms for Salesforce
New Version of Formstack Forms

We’ve got some exciting changes coming to Formstack Forms over the next few months. Many of the updates won’t be visible to the average user, but we’re implementing changes that will make Forms easier and more reliable to use, and enable future innovations within Formstack Forms. To give you a little taste of what’s coming, here are some changes you’ll notice on the newest version of Formstack Forms:

  • Updated Progress Bar
  • New Share Tab
  • Improved Error Handling

Ready for the newest version of Formstack Forms? Fill out this form to access these new features.

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